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Part 3 – Benadryl Big Golden Voice celebrates the Gods of music.

He was the brother of a super star. A man born with a melodic voice but no formal training. It took years of struggle, dedication, perseverance and hard-work to get noticed. A journey of a man from becoming a chorus singer to playback artist was a rocky road that he crossed, yodeling all the way. This person was non other than Kishore Kumar. Grasping all the opportunities that came his way he made it to the very top with his abilities. Recognized for his unusual techniques that he used while singing and taking up any challenges thrown his way. A man of many talents like acting, singing even mimicking he made a name for himself in the industry that is still remembered and considered one of the Gods of Music!

His story shows us that nothing is impossible once you make-up your mind and work for it. If you believe in yourself and want to work towards your dream of walking amongst these Gods of Music audition for the Big Golden Voice Season 3 today.

Visit http://927bigfm.com/bbgv/ to audition and if you make it to the top get a chance to sing in bollywood with Shankar Mahadevan.


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