Tue 21 Jul 2015


What defines a person is the strength she/he portrays at the worst of times. What defines a person is not how many times she/he falls, but how many times she/he rises back up to face the challenge. One person who had the strength to shine bright in the darkest of times is the musician and composer, A.R. Rahman. His life story is a perfect amalgamation of courage, strength, talent and leadership. A Personal loss early in his life and years of being an arranger for bands did not keep him down. He kept rising higher and higher, breaking down all barriers in his path.

One can never expect success to be handed to them. Success has to be earned. The Oscars and Grammys (along with other awards), awarded to A.R. Rahman were hard earned, paying the price in terms of dedication, courage and optimism. So you have the same sort of commitment to your talent and fell like it can make an impact, audition now!

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Mon 20 Jul 2015

Part 4 – Benadryl Big Golden Voice celebrates the Gods of music.

Who says good talent goes unnoticed? Who says hard-work does not pay off? An inspiration to an entire generation of music lovers, Sonu Nigam, is living proof that hard work does pay off and if you have it you, no one can keep you down. A trained classical musician from a young age, he revolutionised the music industry with his melodic voice, often being compared to the singing powerhouse, Mohammed Rafi. His initial years in the industry were a struggle, but he never gave up. After years and years of hard-work and practice he blossomed into what he is today – A God of music. If you think you have it in you, to work hard, to rise above all and to inspire the nation, then here is your chance.

Show your talent to our mega judge Shankar Mahadevan. Audition for the Benadryl Big Golden Voice challenge today here –

Sonu Nigam 1
Sonu Nigam 2
Sonu Nigam 3
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Mon 20 Jul 2015

Part 3 – Benadryl Big Golden Voice celebrates the Gods of music.

He was the brother of a super star. A man born with a melodic voice but no formal training. It took years of struggle, dedication, perseverance and hard-work to get noticed. A journey of a man from becoming a chorus singer to playback artist was a rocky road that he crossed, yodeling all the way. This person was non other than Kishore Kumar. Grasping all the opportunities that came his way he made it to the very top with his abilities. Recognized for his unusual techniques that he used while singing and taking up any challenges thrown his way. A man of many talents like acting, singing even mimicking he made a name for himself in the industry that is still remembered and considered one of the Gods of Music!

His story shows us that nothing is impossible once you make-up your mind and work for it. If you believe in yourself and want to work towards your dream of walking amongst these Gods of Music audition for the Big Golden Voice Season 3 today.

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Kishore Kumar
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Fri 17 Jul 2015

Part 2 – Benadryl Big Golden Voice celebrates the Gods of music.

You are not born a legend. It takes years and years of dedication, perseverance, hard-work and courage to get there. It is a long journey, full of ups and downs, on a road very few people have taken. One person who endured this journey is Usha Uthup. Against all odds, she conquered it. She, had faith in herself and her abilities and she went on to blow everyones mid with her talent. Her music touched the hearts of the whole country, and she is recognised for her distinct voice and unending talent.

It is the faith you have on yourself that encourages others to have faith in you. Every legend’s journey has one thing in common. They all had a start. If you have faith in yourself and believe that you have what it takes, here is your chance to start.  Audition for the Big Golden Voice Season -3 today.

Showcase your talent in front of our judge – Shankar Mahadevan and get a chance to be Bollywood playback singer.

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Usha Uthup different Voice
Usha Uthup used to sing in night clubs
Tue 14 Jul 2015


Who remembers the struggle when you reach the epitome of success?

But there are people whose struggle inspire us to do more, to get up after every fall and to keep walking despite obstacles on our way.

We are talking about the ‘Gods of Music’, whose persistent efforts have created an everlasting impact on our music industry. If you too have worshiped the talent of these Gods, and want to have a chance to walk along side them in the quest for pure, melodious music, then audition for the Big Golden Voice Season -3.

Audition today and prove your talent to our mega judge – Shankar Mahadevan and get yourself to be a Bollywood playback singer.

It you think you have the ‘Golden Voice’ then get ready, because its’ now or never!

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Gods Of Music
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