Mon 20 Jul 2015

Part 4 – Benadryl Big Golden Voice celebrates the Gods of music.

Who says good talent goes unnoticed? Who says hard-work does not pay off? An inspiration to an entire generation of music lovers, Sonu Nigam, is living proof that hard work does pay off and if you have it you, no one can keep you down. A trained classical musician from a young age, he revolutionised the music industry with his melodic voice, often being compared to the singing powerhouse, Mohammed Rafi. His initial years in the industry were a struggle, but he never gave up. After years and years of hard-work and practice he blossomed into what he is today – A God of music. If you think you have it in you, to work hard, to rise above all and to inspire the nation, then here is your chance. Show your talent to our mega judge Shankar Mahadevan. Audition for the Benadryl Big Golden Voice challenge today here -
Sonu Nigam 1
Sonu Nigam 2
Sonu Nigam 3
Sonu Nigam 04

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